Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

Your USB drive can turn into RAW any time after improper ejection from the system, sudden power outage, severe virus infeection, excessive bad sectors, file system errors, etc. In such cases, you can recover RAW USB drive data by using Not Formatted Error software. Just download the trial verssion and preview the rcovered files for free now!!!

Is your USB drive ask you to format before using it by displaying a message like “You need to format the disk drive before you can use it”, “Drive is not formatted?" etc. If your system warns for formatting the USB drive like this then it means that the file system of the USB drive is corrupted or damaged and the data stored on it cannot be accessible. When you will open the property of the drive you will find that the file system has become RAW and the available space is 0 bytes. Because of this, the USB drive is called as RAW USB drive. In such case, you need to recover a RAW USB drive.

A USB drive is a portable data storage device where you can store any type of data such as Video clips, Audio files, Movies, Images, Documents, etc. You can also use it to keep a backup of your system data. As discussed above your USB drive may become RAW drive due to several reasons, as a result, you won’t be able to access your data files from a Raw USB drive. But it is possible to recover the RAW USB drive by using an appropriate tool called RAW USB Drive Recovery Software. With the help of this software, you can easily recover raw USB drive to get back all your data from raw drive and you can also recover data from a formatted SD card and other types of memory cards if in case you have accidentally formatted them.

Following are the scenarios due to which you need to recover data from RAW USB drive

Interruption: When copying files from the system to the USB drive, an interruption like a sudden ejection of the USB drive may corrupt the file system of the drive. As a result of this, file system will become raw and you cannot access files from your USB drive.

USB is not Compatible: If the file system of the USB drive is not compatible with your computer's Operating System then sometimes you may unknowingly format the drive to a raw format which makes the files to lose. So, it is important to recover Raw USB drive to gain access to the files stored on it.

Virus Infection: When a virus enters into the system, it starts creating a replica of it which results in corruption of the files. When you insert your USB drive to such infected system, its file system might get corrupted or damaged resulting in the RAW drive.

Due to all the above-mentioned scenarios, the USB drive becomes inaccessible. Therefore your USB drive turns into raw drive by showing its file system status as RAW and used memory space as 0 bytes. But you need not get worried because by using a Raw USB drive Recovery Software you can effortlessly recover data from a raw USB drive.

Why use Raw USB Drive Recovery Software?

Raw USB Drive Recovery Software has an advanced and unique scanning algorithm that can effectively restore raw USB drive data. It has a simple user-interface tool so no need to have any technical knowledge to use this software. With the help of this tool, you can restore any kind of data from any brand of raw flash drive and you can also recover data from an external hard drive after a format error. With an advanced Save Recovery Session option, you can resume the scanning process at any instance of time. It also provides you an option called Preview using which you can preview the recovered files before saving.

Steps to recover RAW USB drive:

Step 1 – Download and install the RAW USB Drive Recovery Software on your PC to restore raw USB drive data. Then run the application by clicking on the desktop icon. From the first screen select “Recover Drives” option to recover raw USB data.

Fig 1 - Main Screen

Step 3 – From next window, select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” and select the raw USB drive from where you lost the files to initiate data recovery from a raw USB drive.

Fig 2 - Select USB Drive

Step 4 – A new window is displayed with the list of restored files from the raw USB drive. Restore raw USB drive files by saving them back on your system.

Fig 3 - Save Recovered Files

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